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Equipment: Equipment

Microphones and Sound Capture

A mixture of old and New

Big Nerd Studios uses Logic Pro X to record all performances, big or small. We use mixture of Shure Mics, Slate Digital Emulation Mics and Audix Mics to capture analog sound, fed into the latest Arturia AudioFuse and Focusrite equipment. We also have a multitude of software instruments, powered by Native Instruments and Spitfire Audio, Arturia and others, from great pianos, strings to eerie drones and wavy synths. If we can't find a sound you like, then we'll make it with a sampler. 

With Sean being primarily a guitarist, BNS has amassed a wide collection of various amps and electric guitars from Paul Reed Smith, Fender, Kiesel and others to be able to have the right guitar for the right song. Amp wise we have a good selection of amps from Laney, Spawn, Peavey, Ceriatone, Fender and Marshall as well as several options for amp sims and IRs. Feel free to use one of ours or bring your own. We can also do reamping to find that sound without after the perfect performance has been captured

You need some guitar, we got some guitar

Enough space for most anything

How much really is too much?

Here at BNS, we have enough space to accommodate most any size of band. Enough space to have people working together, collaborating on some sick jams. Got a kit with 5-7 pieces, no problem! 10-12? I'm sure we can figure something out. 25 piece...well, sometimes less is more. We can even set it up to record a whole band at once for reference and practice tracks!

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